Welcoming the 5th year of being open!

Welcome to the continuation of "A Stitch n' Time" sewing solutions. "A Stitch n' Time", a licensed, taxable business venue, officially opened it's doors on November 5, 2013. My name is Andrea Hoover, the Sole owner, and happy worker bee of this company. I cannot wait to announce each year's anniversary, then maybe the 10-year anniversary and eventually... announce the 50th anniversary at some time down the road. I hope and pray you will look into my services and meet me in person soon.

Most recently, I have acquired my Dressmaker I Certification through the Association of Sewing & Design Professionals. And... now the next chapter begins. I am in the process of acquiring my MAS (Master Alterations Specialist) Certification. Business has been so wonderful that I've had to enlist the help of yet more busy worker bees. My help is always in training to be the most precise and perfect seamstresses too. AMEN


At the home of "A Stitch n' Time", I am focused on providing quality sewing, alteration, tailoring, and instructional services in a timely manner. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations, including meeting with you individually for a pre-trial interview (a peace-of-mind offering). If you had not realized it, while you were meeting with me, sometimes I am the one actually interviewing my prospective clients. You can visit the "Services" page to see all the repairs, alterations and design opportunities. Some of my services include altering or making everything from your new living room curtains to your most personalized and sacred Wedding dresses.


Currently, I teach individualized classes to anyone willing to learn the art of sewing. I feel strongly, that passing on my knowledge can help others view this diminishing art form as a very needed service skill. A good seamstress can be as handy as your local HVAC repairman! I am willing to teach you the basics of how to use your own home sewing machine, to completing that daunting project you might have had on your back burner for years. I have my child clearance, necessary for teaching the young ones, and the patience to teach to the older ones. I hope you are interested. Just contact me through my contact page located on the tab above.

I cannot wait to meet you!


Andrea J. Hoover

Why A Stitch n' Time

Pennsylvania State University granted me a BFA in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in Costume Design and Construction in 1999. I have always said, since I graduated, that I really recieved my degree in Sewing. I am able to do anything from sewing a double layered zipper into a Ski coat, to designing, patterning and completing wedding dresses tailored to my client's specifications. I have upholstered 4-wheeler seats, remade outdoor deck umbrellas and even made environmentally friendly baby diapers. I have over 20 years of sewing and retail experience both in the theatre arena and in the drycleaning business.

References are always available on request.

- Balfurd Cleaners, State College, PA.

- Yorgey's & Fillings Fine Dry Cleaning, Lancaster, PA.

- Zips Dry Cleaners, Lancaster, PA.


-Andrea J. Hoover

Busy worker bees:

-Joy Garman

-Bonnie Espenshade

-Tammy Powers

-Barbara Hernley

-Laura Lasdin

-Jeana Garman

Website Helper:

Dawn Harper